St. Catharines, ON, Canada
L2R 5B8


DESCRIPTION: An energetic and premium nightlife experience in the heart of St. Catharines. Here you can find a wide array of events. From live music to an ultra-nightlife experience.


JAYWALK REVIEWDate Reviewed: February 09, 2013

Cache does it all. This combo restaurant, nightclub and bar has a setting for a more mature audience. With an urban-metro theme, Cache shows off its efforts with design and atmosphere. Open every day of the week Cache has a variety of events and settings to try and appeal to many.

Cache also sports a 1600 sq. ft. patio which is fully licensed allowing for over flow during the winter months and a go to spot during the warmer times of the year.

Being situated in the core of downtown, and being a newer establishment, Cache has fallen into a long and narrow building. This works pretty well during the day when Cache puts on its dining experience. The menu is short and sweet, making decisions easy. Going with the urban trend of tapas, sandwiches and home-styled foods and a nice selection of wines this menu will appeal to those going for dining style.

As a nightclub, Cache seems to provide a more intimate nightlife experience with its relatively smaller indoor setting. Outdoors, the patio is nicely segmented and has adequate seating. The flow from inside to outside may be viewed as constrained but this only due to the older architecture of the building.

As Cache offers a variety of events and services, it is hard to say what is the must go to at this location. The usual weekend nights do well, but it is advised to try a variety of days and nights to experience the fit for you.


Something for everyone.

Large patio

High end urban atmoshphere

Offers good diining experience

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