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Breakfast Alley

POSTED ON 6/24/2015 5:55:13 PM

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It fuels your body for your activities and gets you going. It's the meal on that gets overlooked the most and often requires the least amount of prep time. But on weekends we make sure to visit our favorite diners to get breakfast with our family and friends. Jaywalk has found a convenient route in Niagara that allows you to visit seven of the most popular breakfast, brunch, lunch restaurants. One for each day of the week! Our breakfast map has them laid out for you. Have a look.

1) Sunrise Restaurant

Sunrise Cafe on Bunting Road St. Catharines has been mentioned before by Jaywalk as number 8 in our Top 10 Easter Brunch Spots in St. Catharines. Not too shabby.

2) Opa & Oma's

Number 2 of breakfast alley is literally your mom and pop diner by name and fact. No bells and whistles here, just a simple home cooked style meal at a great price. View the Opa & Oma's menu.

3) The Lancer Family Restaurant

The Lancer is the most visible on the Breakfast Alley list. Open since 1970, The Lancer has become a tradition by many for special occasions and their regular breakfast and brunch outings. The Lancer supports many local organizations and causes, such as Community Care and YWCA of Niagara to name a few. Jaywalk is glad to list this community supporter in Breakfast Alley. Look for the giant yellow sign on Hartzel to find The Lancer Family Restaurant.

4) Lester D's Reel Deal

Dinner and a movie? Why not Breakfast and a movie? If you are a movie lover and love silly puns, Lester D's has you covered. With menu items such as "Raiders of the Lost Benedict" and "Zack and Miri make a Porridge" some laughs and movie love is sure to be had at this spot. 

5) The Early Bird

Hartzel turns into Merritt and go up the hill to Thorold. The Early Bird is the most eastern of the Breakfast Alley selection make sure to be an early bird and catch the worm.

6) Cosmo's Diner

Cosmo's is another fun addition to Breakfast Alley. This 50's themed diner throws you back 60 years into the age of rock and roll and classic pop. Cosmo's made it in as the Bonus for our Top 10 Easter Brunch Restaurants, but we say visit Cosmo's in Thorold if you want a true #throwbackthursday of #flashbackfriday.

7) Panini Cafe

Our final stop on the Breakfast Alley tour takes wraps up with the most gourmet location. Featured several times in Jaywalk posts, Chef William makes a mean Panini. Jaywalk was first introduced to Panini Cafe back in November 2014 by St. Catharines Coffee News (which can be found at all of these locations). Since then, Panini Cafe has been a top recommendation by Jaywalk.

There are your Niagara Breakfast Alley restaurants. Which will you visit? Make sure to subscribe to our Jaywalk Newsletter to find out when our upcoming breakfast event will be launching. Or stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 


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